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Are you facing criminal charges?

Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean all hope is lost. You can look to us for the defense you need to confidently combat your charges.




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The same attention and respect, regardless of your charges.

It doesn’t matter what types of charges you are facing. What matters is that you have the right to an attentive and personalized defense aimed at aggressively upholding our rights and best interests.

You do not have to worry about being judged or disrespected – regardless of the details of your criminal charges. You are not a statistic or a file number. You are an individual and we are committed to defending you to the fullest extent of the law.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor charges or felonies, let us give you hope and strength so you can combat your charges with confidence.

Don't wait for your charges to go away on their own.

Your criminal charges are not just going to go away. The longer you wait to begin building your defense, the more time you are wasting. Don't sit around in a jail cell or spend every day worrying.

As soon as you are charged with a crime – or if you suspect you may be charged or are planning on turning yourself in – contact us. You can set up a time for a FREE initial consultation so we can begin exploring your case.

Remember, you have the right to an attorney of your choosing. You do not have to let your criminal charges be what defines your life now or in the future. Let us be your aggressive defenders and take control of your case.

Call today to set up a FREE consultation!


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